Austin Home Builders LLC

Austin Home Builders LLC is a family owned and operated business located in Western Maine. Fred and Wendy Austin are a husband and wife team that work together to provide service in all types of home construction. After 15 years of working in the modular home industry and home construction, Fred struck out on his own in 1999 and incorporated in 2001. As business grew, Wendy left her work to come on as full time office staff.

Austin Home Builders LLC specializes in all types of home construction, remodeling and home repairs. Our crew has a wide variety of abilities and can provide service to most any repair or project idea requested by customers. We have a long history with repeat customers as we have made customer service our number one priority. Let us help you with your special project or repair.

P.O. Box 103
Paris, Maine 04271

429 Mount Mica Road 
South Paris, Maine 04281

207-743-7994 (office)



About Us

Austin Home Builders LLC 

Western Maine home construction company serving all types of home building and repairs since 1999. Let us help you plan your next project. 

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